November 27, 1948 - January 25, 2003



Words & Music By Carol Cymbala


In My Moments of Fear,

Through every Pain, every Tear, 

There's a God who's been Faithful to Me. 


   When My Strength was all gone, 

When My Heart had NO Song, Still in Love,  

He's Proved Faithful to Me.


Every Word He's Promised is True; 

What I thought was Impossible, 

I See God Do


 He's been Faithful, Faithful to Me.     

Looking back His Love and Mercy I see, 

Though in My heart I have Questioned, 

Even Failed to Believe, 

Yet He's Been Faithful to Me


When My Heart Looked away, 

The many Times I could Not Pray, 

Still My God,  He was Faithful to Me. 


The Days I spent so Selfishly, 

Reaching out for what Pleased Me; 

Even then God was Faithful to Me.     


Every Time I come back to Him,


And I see once Again,

 He's Been Faithful to Me.


I met Gloria almost 24 years ago.  

My favourite and most treasured memory of my relationship with Gloria was when I led her to ask Jesus into her heart.

I came to her house to pick up some make up I had ordered, and she invited me in for tea.  We sat and talked about many things, and just when I was ready to leave, she asked me a question.  

She had lost her mother to cancer when she was a small child, and she was told that it was God's will and he took her home.  This had stuck with her for all those years and her question was this, Did God give my mother cancer?  And why would he take her from me when I was so young?

Being a strong believer in the Word of God, my only answer to her could be this.  No, God did not give your mother cancer.  The word says that the thief (satan) comes to steal kill and destroy and Jesus came that we might have life more abundantly.  And that by His stripes, we were healed.  

We continued to talk and I assured her that if her mother loved the Lord, then she was with him.  This meant a lot to her and as we continued our conversation, I told her that the same Jesus that wants us well, also wanted to save her.  I asked her if she wanted to ask him into her heart and she said yes. It was that simple.  We sat and prayed and she asked him into her heart and she became a new creature.  

Shortly after this she met John and both her and John became members of our church that my husband Tom, pastored and they both began to grow in the Lord.  And of course, they got married and the rest, as they say, is history.

Like any relationship, we had our ups and downs, but Thank God, the ups out weighed the downs. 

 A few weeks before she went home to be with the Lord, I was talking to her on the phone.  And I told her that she was very special to me and she said that I was too, because I was her Spiritual Mom.  I was so touched by this, that after all these years, I still had that special place in her heart, and I know that it will last for eternity.

I have many fond memories of my friendship with Gloria.  

There was a famous camping trip we went on.  It involved my three boys, Michael being only 1, two teenagers and a trailer with a flat tire.  We can look back and laugh at it now...but at the time, I was sure that Gloria never would have anything to do with children again, after that trip.  

But thank God, that did not deter her.  She and  John went on to have several foster children over the years, and she was always involved in Children's ministry for as long as I knew her.

Her  famous character of Mrs. Peabody, was born in the Winner's circle when I asked her to take the job of teaching the memory verse every week.  I asked her to create a character that the children could relate to and would know that it was memory verse time when they saw her.  Little did we know that Mrs. Peabody would become so endearing to so many.  The children loved her.

Here is a picture of Gloria as Mrs. Peabody

In her Sunday Best

And in her shawl & apron

Gloria had such a big heart for children and will be remembered for years, by those that she touched with her life.  I am sure that in Heaven, there is a circle of children around her wherever she goes.

I hope that what I have shared has touched you in some way, and that you will know what a special friend I had and still have in Jesus. 

I look forward to the day, when I will see her again.

If you don't know Jesus, please ask him in today!  You have no idea what God has in store for you, or who he wants you to touch and influence for Him.

A Dedication by Kim Kreamer

Gloria's Step daughter.

Gloria Scott   

I feel honoured to have known Gloria for 23 years.  I remember the very moment my brother and I met this fabulous woman.  

It was my 10th birthday.   We sensed how special our relationship would be.  Years later, Gloria and I often spoke of that moment and how clearly we recalled it. 

 Gloria and I became fast friends and in many ways we are kindred spirits.  Much of our relationship grew from the countless hours spent at the library researching our family trees. By putting together the pieces of our heritage, Gloria gave me a connection to the past and a greater appreciation for the present.

 We have so much to thank Gloria for.  She taught us so much, about ourselves, about family, about relationships, and about God. 

Gloria lived each moment of life to the fullest through her laughter and the twinkle in her eye.  Gloria taught many of us how to laugh at ourselves.  We often spoke about the goofy, embarrassing things we did.

Gloria was always the peacekeeper who always thought of others before herself.  Going through the thousands of photos, I was struck by how much Gloria gave to so many people.  She was compassionate and one of the best listeners I have ever known.  

Gloria navigated through the challenges of being a second mother to two kids who were fiercely independent and who were confident we didnít need any guidance.  Gloria was a true lady.  She was the best step Mom anyone could ever want.   

Gloria was a woman full of Godís generous spirit, especially loving my Dad, the children and all animals.  I thank Gloria for her steadfast love and the constant support in helping my Dad fully become the beautiful person he is today.  

Gloria loved children.  She was always surrounded and involved with children throughout her life.  She had a very special place in her heart for those who were troubled.  Gloria felt it was her role to help them through their journey in life.  She taught these children three special things. They were loved just as they are, They had value and that God had special plans for their lives. 

Gloria connected with children at a point where many were giving up hope.  Gloria gave them hope and the strength to live their lives to the fullest.  

We are here to honour and celebrate Gloria.  Each of our lives were touched and enriched by knowing her beautiful soul.  We will miss her dearly.  

At this moment she is watching over us whispering, 
ďI will always be in your heartĒ.

by David Clydesdale
The city was Jerusalem
The time was long ago
The people called Him Jesus
His crime...just the love He showed
And I'm the one to blame
I caused all His pain
He gave Himself the day He wore my crown

He brought a love that only He could give
I brought Him cause to cry
And though He taught me how to live
I'm the one who taught Him how to die
And I'm the one to blame
I caused all His pain
He gave Himself the day He wore my crown

He could have called to His holy Father
and said, 
"Take me away...please take me away!"
He could have said, "I'm not guilty!
I'm not going to stay
and I'm not going to pay!"

But then He walked on through the gate
then on up the hill
And though He fell beneath the weight,
He cried, He cried, "Father not my will."
And I'm the one to blame
for I caused all His pain
He gave Himself...the day He wore my crown.


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