What are Angels?

They are God's beautiful creatures put here to help us.

We all have our conception of what they look like.

We will never be sure, unless we see one.

Angels are a part of our everyday life whether we know it or not. They are sent here to take care of our every need, and protect us from the dangers of life. They will lift us up and keep us from stumbling. Psalm 91. They are beautiful and majestic creatures. Sometimes we have encountered them without even knowing. Heb. 13:2.

Jacob's Heavenly Encounter

While Jacob was sleeping he saw a vision most beautiful. Behold a ladder went up into heaven and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. Gen. 28:10-19

Many people have had Angelic encounters. I have had some myself. I have seen these beautiful creatures and they are awesome! Very tall, about nine feet, and with massive wings! Hair so light, it resembles flaxen gold. And gowns in white so bright, it shines!

They will always tell you fear not! Because fear is not of God!

Angel Protection

God sends his angels to protect us.
The three men in the fiery furnace can tell you that. Daniel 3.
Or Daniel in the Lion's den. Daniel 6
They serve us, protect us and are with us constantly.
Always ready to obey God's voice to help us every day!



Shout To The Lord