While Gilbert is away at medical school, Anne accepts the principal-ship at the high school at Summerside, just a short distance from Green Gables.

She boards at a place called Windy Poplars with two elderly widows and their housekeeper, Rebecca Dew, Anne wins the hearts of the townspeople, including the difficult Pringle Clan. She spends three happy years there.

She befriends and rescues little Elizabeth Grayson, who lives next door with her strict grandmother, from a life of dicouragement and despair,

Anne even manages to change one of her fellow teachers, the embittered Katherine Brooke, into a happy "Kindred Spirit."

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Book One ~ Anne Of Green Gables ~ 1908

Book Two ~ Anne Of Avonlea ~ 1909

Book Three ~ Anne Of The Island ~ 1915

Book Four ~ Anne Of Windy Poplars ~ 1936

Book Five ~ Anne's House of Dreams ~ 1922

Book Six ~ Anne of Ingleside ~ 1939

Book Seven ~ Rainbow Valley ~ 1919

Book Eight ~ Rilla of Ingleside ~ 1921

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Anne's Tea Party