Anne and Gilbert are married in the old apple orchard at Green Gables and spend their first two years of married life in the little "House of Dreams" on the shore of Four Winds Harbour, about 60 miles from Avonlea.

They made some new friends, including Captain Jim, keeper of the Lighthouse, Miss Cornelia Bryant, an opinionated but kind-hearted Spinster, and Leslie Moore, a beautiful your woman with a tragic past.

All whose lives are changed because of the friendship of Anne and Gilbert.

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Book One ~ Anne Of Green Gables ~ 1908

Book Two ~ Anne Of Avonlea ~ 1909

Book Three ~ Anne Of The Island ~ 1915

Book Four ~ Anne Of Windy Poplars ~ 1936

Book Five ~ Anne's House of Dreams ~ 1922

Book Six ~ Anne of Ingleside ~ 1939

Book Seven ~ Rainbow Valley ~ 1919

Book Eight ~ Rilla of Ingleside ~ 1921

The year beside the book is the year it was written

Anne's Tea Party