Rilla is Anne's youngest daughter, named after Marilla

Instead of the normal things that Rilla had imagined for herself at age fifteen, parties and dances, she grows up in the dark shadow of  "World War I"  She watches her three brothers leave for war and waits anxiously for news of them with her Mother and Father.

Ingleside is no longer like home but has become a centre for Red Cross work, and Rilla finds herself rolling bandages and hemming sheets for the first time in her life.  Anne advices her that "We will have to do a great many things in the months ahead of us that we have never done before"

But even Anne could not have guessed that one of Rilla's war-time activities would be taking a newborn baby whose mother has died and whose father is at the front, under her care.

This book has so much in it. Of all the books besides the first one, it is my favourite.  I remember sobbing at places in it. Waiting in anticipation with the family for news from the front.  And then I was laughing at the comical things too.  And there is "Romance"  It has everything in it to make it a truly wonderful book. I know you will enjoy it.

Well that is the end of the "Anne Books"

I hope you enjoyed the trip and will run out and get your copies to read. But don't miss any of them. The full story is well worth reading.

Other books about Avonlea are

"Chronicles of Avonlea"~ Volume 1 and 2

"The Story Girl" ~ the foundation for "Road to Avonlea"

Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote many wonderful books that I am sure you will enjoy. They can all be found at your local library or bookstore

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Book One ~ Anne Of Green Gables ~ 1908

Book Two ~ Anne Of Avonlea ~ 1909

Book Three ~ Anne Of The Island ~ 1915

Book Four ~ Anne Of Windy Poplars ~ 1936

Book Five ~ Anne's House of Dreams ~ 1922

Book Six ~ Anne of Ingleside ~ 1939

Book Seven ~ Rainbow Valley ~ 1919

Book Eight ~ Rilla of Ingleside ~ 1921

The year beside the book is the year it was written

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