Come in, sit down and have a spot of tea!

My favourite book from my childhood was and still is Anne of Green Gables.

I remember a very disastrous tea party from the book.

Anne was so excited about having her best friend Diana over for tea. She had all sorts of goodies prepared for her. Marilla went out for the afternoon, leaving instructions that Anne and Diana could have raspberry cordial to drink.

Since Anne had never had it before, she had no idea what it looked like. Anne had cherry preserves, fruit cake, cookies and snaps to serve her friend. She went to find the cordial and served it to Diana while the tea was getting ready.

Anne was so excited to have her friend over for tea, imagining herself sitting at the head of the table and pouring tea for her friend and asking Diana if she wanted sugar, and asking her if she wanted another piece of cake.

She never noticed that Diana was getting drunk on the "raspberry cordial" in the other room. By mistake she had given her wine and Diana was helping herself with big glassfuls.

Not only did they not have tea and goodies, but Diana went home a very sick girl. Poor Anne, she had the best intentions and was so disappointed. And Diana's mother wasn't impressed at all. She accused Anne of deliberately making Diana drunk. What a disastrous afternoon it turned out to be.

To be sure that your afternoon tea does not turn out like Anne's, a word of advice, don't serve "raspberry cordial", just serve tea.

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