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Victorians At Heart
While you are thinking about joining, please keep in mind the following:

Absolutely  No sites with pornography, Occult, Witchcraft, New Age, or Hate will be allowed.

*Only Family Friendly Sites*

For Further Information On Our Restrictions

Go Here 

More Information


We request that all applicants maintain and support traditional family values.

We'd like for you to participate in our group as much as possible. Hopefully at least once a week, either on the Chat list or on the Message Board.  If you feel that you cannot do this, please do not apply.  This group is about Friendship.  Please do not sign up just to have another membership logo displayed on yoursite.

A valid email address is required.

Treat every lady with respect.

When you become a member your name will be added to the group's master mailing list for News & Update purposes, and must remain on Email setting.

You will also be invited to our Chat list.  We hope that all members would join this to get to know the rest of the ladies, but it is not mandatory.

If you do not have a web page you may still join and will be listed on the member page with your email address only.

If you have a web page you are required to obtain a badge from us and display it on your page along with a link to Victorians at heart

If you truly enjoy the charms of the
Victorian Era 
we'd love to have you join our group of
Victorian Ladies.

Please Note
It can take up to ten days to process an application, allowing for weekends and holidays etc.  You will be asked to post to our Guest Board while your application is being processed.  This is mandatory if you wish to belong to this group.  If you prefer not to post, then your application will be discarded.  

We reserve the right to deny any application. 

Please be advised, this is a Victorian Group of Ladies.  While we don't discriminate upon race, creed, religious affiliations we also must maintain that at your agreement to sign into our group that all sites MUST be a
Family Friendly site and "Victorian At Heart"
has the right to remove anyone from the site for any reason.

*Your Application will be discarded if this form is not filled out completely*

If you have not read the additional information page, please do so now

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One of the requirements in joining Victorian At Hearts, will be that you must  sign up with your Primary Email Address.
This would be the email address that you have with your internet server/provider.
Yes, you may have a secondary email address, and use it the chat list at Yahoo.
But your Primary Email must be with your internet server.

"If you sign up with a Hotmail or Yahoo email addy,

 your application will be rejected."


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What do you think of the Victorian Era?

How did you hear about us?

We require that you put this badge on your page with a link back to

We will put your name on it for you

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