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The women of the  Victorian Era shared and supported one another through the good times and the difficult times. We are here to do the same thing for one another today.  God played a very important role in the lives of Victorian Ladies and He plays just as important a part in our lives today. For Strength and Courage to face what life brings with a smile and a friendly word for each other.

We are thrilled that you stopped by today to pay us a visit

VAH was founded in the Sept 2000. It was started with an inspiration to have a place for those that loved the Victorian Era, to gather together.  

As you tour our lovely Victorian Home of Victorians At Heart 
You will see that Lady Judith has forged forward and given us the site of our dreams! 

A place where Ladies can be Ladies, and share their hopes, their dreams and ambitions with all the love and support you can imagine.

Enjoy your public access tour of our home on the internet. We hope that if you like it well enough that 
you will join us and share it with your friends too !

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