Absolutely NO sites with
pornography, occult, witchcraft, New Age, or hate
will be allowed.

*Only Family Friendly Sites*

When you apply for membership,
the membership committee will check your website.
We will look at what the overall site theme is.
We will look at some of your links,
while understanding your rights to be your own unique person.

If for any reason the site seems to question the "Family Friendly Rule",
the site address will be forwarded on to the co-leaders from the membership committee.

Then the group will decide, with the majority ruling.
Then the Co-Leaders will send a letter to the Lady describing the decision.

We request that all applicants maintain and support traditional
family values.
This means that we want all of our communication
to be appropriate for people ages 2-102.
Stories, links, jokes, graphics, lifestyles and preferences must be
Family appropriate (Rated G)

Being a group of Victorian ladies, we should hope that you would
all use your best judgment. Nothing that may be considered offensive
will be permitted.

If you violate these rules you will receive a
letter to your personal email address.

If it continues your message will be removed from the board
Or on yahoo groups your messages will be placed on moderation for our email list.

All of the leaders will be notified
immediately in this case.

If you have a problem with anyone or thing
it goes to the Grievance Committee first.

It is important to follow this procedure.
Please keep in mind that it takes time to get us all together or at least get enough of us together to make a majority.
We are not ignoring you just trying to make a decision as a group
instead of individually.

Only Victorian theme graphics will be allowed on the mailing list.
We are a Victorian group, let's keep our theme!

You may not send scrolling stationery with music
As it causes some peoples computers problems.  

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