He looked and more amazed
Than if seven men had set upon him saw
The maiden standing in the dewy light
He had not dreamed she was so beautiful
Then came on him a sort of sacred fear
For silent tho he greeted her she stood
Rapt on his face as if it were a god
Suddenly flashed on her a wild desire
That he should wear her favour at the tilt
She braved a riotous heart in asking for it
Fair Lord whose name I know not noble it is
I well believe the noblest will you wear
My favour at this tourney
Nay said he
Fair Lady since I never yet have worn
Favour of any Lady in the lists
Such is my wont as those who know me know
Yea so she answered then in wearing mine
Needs must be lesser likelihood noble lord
That those who know should know you and he turned
Her counsel up and down within his mind
And found it true and answered
True my child
Well I will wear it fetch it out to me
What is it and she told him
A red sleeve broidered with pearls
And brought it
Then he bound her on his helmet with a smile
Saying I never yet have done so much
For any maiden living and the blood
Sprang to her face and filled her with delight

Alfred Lord Tennyson



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